Marine Units

New sails for a new era

An airborne wind energy system installed on the deck of a cargo ship acts as an auxiliary power supply.

Wind Energy for Ships

Wind is the cheapest, most powerful, and greenest source of energy on the high seas. And it’s always available. Now, SkySails is giving wind energy for ships a whole new meaning. 

SkySails Power S-class

The PS-32 combines the best of our two worlds: marine auxiliary power that’s 100% green and wind propulsion – both delivered by an automatically controlled kite. The system can be operated in the propulsion or generator modes individually and as necessary. Airborne wind energy for ships significantly reduces a cargo vessel’s fuel consumption. But the PS-32 is not only a cost-cutter. It also reduces CO2 emis­sions while de­creas­ing the output of pol­lu­tants such as sul­fur and ni­tro­gen ox­ides. Because the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) emission standards recognize these effi­cien­cy gains, the use of a PS-32 can even sig­ni­fi­cant­ly im­prove the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) of an entire fleet.

The unit is containerized and therefore easily integrated on deck. A shipyard can quickly patch it into a ship’s power grid via existing interfaces, and it can be added on both new builds and existing ves­sels. It is also transferable between ships.

The fact that wind energy for ships is much cheaper than oil makes the PS-32 one of the world’s most a­ttrac­tive marine auxiliary power tech­no­lo­gies for sim­ul­taneous­ly re­ducing opera­ting costs and emis­sions in shipping.

The SKS PS-32 is currently under development and will be launched in 2024.