About Us

A Passion for
Wind Energy

Wind Energy is our Passion: Sailmaker designing a power kite for a SkySails Power airborne wind energy system.

Green Technology - Made in Germany

SkySails Power has a passion for wind energy. We are engineers, sailmakers, mechanics, software developers, service technicians and project engineers, and many of us are kiters or sailors in their free time. We share a motivation to provide clean energy solutions that accelerate the global shift to more renewables. As one, we develop, design, manufacture, market and service the Airborne Wind Energy Systems that make use of this free, clean, and potent energy source.

Development and production happen in Northern Germany. Both our headquarters and our kite workshop are based in Hamburg. The former houses our engineers and software specialists that work on the permanent optimization of existing technologies and the development of new products. The latter is where sailmakers and textile engineers design our power kites, closely working with experienced European manufacturers. The ground station’s assembly takes place at our production site in Seevetal near Hamburg. From the smallest screw to the heavy drive-train, our industrial technicians and electricians have the right tools and know-how to set up a reliable product. Our complete range is developed and produced according to German VDE standards – a guarantee for the highest quality and safety.

Leading with Purpose

Developing technologies that make the transition real has been a lifetime task for SkySails’ Managing Director and Founder Stephan Wrage. Flying his kite at the beach as a teenager and impressed by its force, he wondered how to make use of this free and clean resource. Right after completing his engineering studies, he started by developing a solution that implements kites to tow vessels and reduces their fuel consumption. His endeavor to play one’s part to achieve a more sustainable future also forms the baseline of our company.


Stephan Wrage CEO

Stephan Brabeck COO

Philipp Schütte CTO

Our Experience - A Unique Advantage

SkySails Power GmbH is part of the SkySails group of companies. We draw on its unique experience from 20 years of developing and operating automatic kite systems. Several sea­going vessels already used the SkySails propulsion kite in the harshest day-to-day conditions. These kites, sometimes reaching 400m2 in size, can substitute as much as two megawatts from the main engine and reduce fuel consumption by up to ten tons of fuel per day.