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A Revolution for Onshore Wind Power

A power kite in an airborne wind energy system harvesting high-altitude wind.

Skysails Power N-Class

Conventional renewables face many obstacles, especially in onshore wind power production. Difficulties arise due to the lack of appropriate construction surfaces, conflicts of use, or public acceptance problems. Thanks to their unique advantages, Airborne Wind Energy Systems (AWES) are a trendsetting solution to overcome these challenges. Based on decades of experience in using high-altitude winds for ship propulsion, SkySails Power has developed a revolutionary AWES that is compact, light, and easy to manufacture, transport, and operate. It can make clean and reliable onshore wind power available anywhere!

SKS PN-14 – The Only Airborne Wind Energy System that is Ready to Order

Today, we are the first company in the world with Airborne Wind Energy Systems that are ready to order!

The SKS PN-14 onshore wind power system provides clean electricity wherever it is required:

  • as a reliable island solution in remote areas lacking a stable grid connection
  • as an economic and independent solution for industry, agriculture, tourism, or telecommunication infrastructure
  • as a supplement to existing energy projects such as solar parks or wind farms (hybridization)

Baseload Onshore Wind Power that’s Available Anytime and Anywhere

The SKS PN-14 harnesses the wind at an altitude of 200 to 400 meters and also achieves high yields at low-wind sites. The system is safely employable in hurricane and typhoon regions, as it is easily retrieved and stowed away before these natural disasters occur. Thanks to its simple transportation and installation requirements, the SKS PN-14 can also be installed in places that are difficult to access.

The SKS PN-14 achieves a high amount of full load hours (up to 6,000 full load hours/year). It is the first time a renewable energy alternative can compete with conventional solutions such as brown coal for supplying baseload power. 

Average cycle power / rated power 1 80-200 kW
Kite size (laid out) 1 90-180 m²
Operating wind range 3-25 m/s
Tether length 800m
Tether diameter 14 mm
Ground station 30 ft container
1 depending on site specific configuration

A pilot system of the SKS PN-14 is operated in Northern Germany. It is part of the “SkyPower100” project funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. Read more about it at skypower100.de

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SKS PN-32 – The Next Generation of Onshore Wind Power

The SKS PN-32 allows the deployment of Airborne Wind Energy Systems at an industrial scale. The MW-version of the SkySails Power N-class will be available starting 2024 on.

If you are interested in a SkySails PN-14 system, we invite you to contact our sales department


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