Your path to energy autonomy

A Reliable Alternative to Conventional Energy Production

Airborne wind energy systems (AWES) tap into the wind’s resources at altitudes of up to 400 meters. Uninhibited by surface friction, the wind at these heights is far more reliable than wind closer to the ground. Because of this, AWES can even deliver good yields in places that are usually considered low-wind sites. For the first time, a renewable power source is a viable alternative to conventional energy production. It can even keep up with brown coal for supplying baseload power. SkySails Power’s AWES also are a reliable and economical alternative to conventional renewables such as wind turbines or solar installations and can even replace diesel generators.

Renewable Energy that’s Available Everywhere

Thanks to their simple transportation and installation requirements, you can install our power kites everywhere. Remote islands, mountainous regions, deep-sea offshore sites, and other inaccessible places are no longer without an alternative to conventional energy production. Our AWES can even be operated in hurricane and typhoon regions since they are easily retrieved and safely stowed away before a natural disaster.

Possible use cases


Hybridization of Diesel Generators

A reliable source of sustainable wind energy that significantly lowers energy costs.


Hybridization of Solar Parks

Supplementing a solar energy system to increase economic viability and optimize land use.


Autonomous Powering of Medium-sized Consumers

Becoming autonomous through wind energy saves money and helps achieve a carbon neutral budget.