Changing the Game in Wind Power


In order to replace fossil energy production, renewable energies have to be scaled up to industrial scale. SkySails is continuously working on the further development of Airborne Wind Energy Systems to meet the demands for megawatt projects onshore and offshore in the future.

SKS Onshore Megawatt Class – the next generation of onshore wind power

The SKS Onshore Megawatt Class allows the deployment of Airborne Wind Energy Systems at an industrial scale. The next generation of SkySails AWES will be an ideal complement to conventional energy sources for larger-scale power consumption, especially in regions where wind turbines and solar parks cannot be deployed.

SkySails Power Offshore Multi-MW Class

Airborne Wind Energy Systems of the SkySails Offshore Multi-MW Class will revolutionize how we generate offshore wind power. The heavy materials needed for conventional turbine blades, the nacelle, and the tower, can be replaced by power kites using light flying fabrics. This dramatically reduces overall material consumption and, subsequently, production costs. What’s more, the lightweight alternative merely necessitates a floating platform, making deep waters newly accessible. Floating platforms drive down costs even farther by minimizing both the initial investment for the structure’s foundations, and the systems total running costs. For larger maintenance, the entire Airborne Wind Energy System can be easily towed to port. This eliminates the need of an expensive nautical infrastructure that can only service in favorable weather. The possibility to easily retrieve and stow the kite in heavy weather is another added benefit: it makes offshore wind power available anywhere, even in regions that are regularly hit by typhoons or hurricanes.